A dream come true

Cantina Tramin is a dream that survives the night’s passing: it is relived every day through our natural desire for novelty, the future, what will come; aware and proud of the skills and traditions that stem from our cooperative history.

 We are the backbone of one of the oldest cooperatives in Alto Adige. We embody the typical characteristics of our region: the power of nature and its palette of sensory delights. We make use of our creative and productive focus on quality, innovating, networking and cooperating to make wines that mirror these qualities in the bottle.

Tramin is the cradle of Gewürztraminer, an icon of our region. A variety which expresses the essence of our life and our work.

Tramin and its region. Two faces of a bounteous and contrasting landscape. A protective mountain barrier melds with the influence of a lake. Cold starry nights alternate with long sunlit days.