Strength in numbers

In a time of hardship for Alto Adige’s wine producers, Christian Schrott, parish priest of Tramin and later Member of the Austrian Parliament, founded our cooperative in 1898 in order to protect the livelihood and future of the wine producers from this mountain area. Thanks to the strength of this union, Cantina Tramin has become one of Alto Adige’s most respected cooperatives and an example recognized all over the world.

Today, we are 160 families tending approximately 270 hectares of vineyards. We pride ourselves on the fact that each bottle is the quintessence of our philosophy of life and work: accuracy, commitment, trust and creativity.

In 1971, Cantina Tramin merged with the historic Cantina Sociale di Egna, established in 1893. This union united a great heritage of traditions and vineyards, among them the prestigious Pinot noir sites in Mazon and Glen, in one single cooperative. In the nineties, under the leadership of our new winemaker Willi Stürz, we began our reach for the stars with our selection range (today comprising Epokale, Troy, Nussbaumer, Terminum, Unterebner, Stoan, Maglen, Urban and Loam). These wines arise from a selection of our finest vineyards and stand for our expertise. From that moment on, our entire production became oriented towards excellence. In 2010, the renovation of our headquarters was completed, and the architectural sculpture of our winery, designed by architect Werner Tscholl, has become an icon and symbol of Tramin.

In 2018, Cantina Tramin launched Epokale, a wine that pushes the limits of Gewürztraminer beyond the imaginable. Wine Advocate has rewarded our boldness with 100 points for Epokale, a first for an Italian white wine.

Cantina Tramin’s latest release is Troy, a refined Chardonnay from the mountains: our alpine interpretation of this internationally renowned variety.

These are the milestones of our history. Each event has represented an important step forward for our winery.

 Today, we produce an average of 1.9 million bottles per year, 70% of which are sold in Italy, whereas the remaining 30% is exported worldwide. Working together to create wines that are superb reflections of our landscape is the guiding principle of Cantina Tramin.