The Gewürztraminer

Tramin is the cradle of Gewürztraminer and this is the place this variety calls home. Here, this famous grape variety, which is appreciated all over the world, has found its perfect growing conditions.

More than any other grape, Gewürztraminer recalls delicate notes of roses, lychee and the spiciness of cloves. Thanks to its aromatics, Gewürztraminer is an ideal match for countless dishes, allowing for exciting and surprising pairings. 

Evidence shows that Gewürztraminer has been cultivated in our area for over a thousand years. It is a variety of ancient origins, the noble ancestor of prestigious grape varieties appreciated and grown all over the world, such as Cabernet, Riesling and Pinots. Here in Tramin, Gewürztraminer has found the ideal environment for developing its distinctive, intense aromas. Here, the vines grow at medium-high elevations, facing south/southeast for best exposure to the sun, and benefit from significant diurnal temperature swings with hot days and cool, breezy nights. Here, where the warm Ora wind from Lake Garda meets the local mountain breezes, creating an Alpine-Mediterranean microclimate with 300 days of sunshine per year, our grapes reach full maturity. Here, Gewürztraminer has found soil of limestone mixed with clay that promptly releases the heat stored during the hottest hours of the day, thus preserving the soil’s humidity. This extraordinary combination of environmental elements gives our Gewürztraminers aroma, body and a pleasant touch of acidity.

Cantina Tramin has always believed in this variety and continues tweaking its distinctive characteristics in the different Gewürztraminers in our range.

The product that most embodies our passion for this grape is certainly Epokale Gewürztraminer, the first Italian white wine to be awarded 100 points from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate upon its release (debut vintage 2009). Another gem of our collection is Nussbaumer, our finest example of a dry Gewürztraminer. Nussbaumer stands for the Italy-wide success of the Italian style of Gewürztraminer. Similarly, Terminum, our botrytised late harvest Gewürztraminer, has enjoyed great success year after year.