The architecture of Cantina Tramin

The ideals of our cooperative are also expressed through the architecture of our winery, designed by the architect Werner Tscholl. The building’s modern design imitates the morphology of the vine and blends perfectly into the landscape.

Its design structure is reminiscent of vine shoots and has been conceived with a special attention to the environment and the sustainability.

Werner Tscholl’s work is an architectural synthesis in which contrasts exist in perfect harmony: a mesmerizing sculpture that mirrors the values on which our cooperative is based. An architectural synthesis in which past and future, wood and iron, glass and cement, transparency and darkness coexist. It is an award-winning project where the new additions were grafted onto the original building, without having to sacrifice even one meter of our beloved, valuable vineyards.

Green Energy. Since June 2012, the new photovoltaic system has been in operation, installed on the roof with full southern exposure.

Thanks to the predominant use of recyclable materials and solar energy from the roof panels which cover 85% of our winery’s energy needs, our winery is also energy-efficient. The internal spaces were designed with detailed attention to their functionality. From the wine shop to the tasting room, our rooms provide efficient workspaces for our employees as well as a welcoming ambience for our visitors. Our winery is a fascinating lookout from which our visitors can enjoy the Cantina Tramin experience with all their senses.

The vineyards are managed according to a concrete and actively environmentally friendly model. Almost the 90% of the vineyards are managed without the use of herbicides. 

A result that enhance the vitality of the soil between the rows, so that all the organic elements of the soil can remain in balance, taking full advantage of the benefits of biodiversity and natural fertilisation. The use of low-impact cultivation techniques over large areas positively influences the wine production of all the bottles at Cantina Tramin.