Discovering Alto Adige

A melting pot of peoples and cultures, Alto Adige is a land of harmony and contrast at the same time, where the Italian and German worlds converge in a symbiotic relationship of geography and culture, taking on unexpected accents, colors and scents.

Alto Adige is Italy’s northernmost province and extends over 13,607 km². It benefits from more than 300 days of sunshine per year, thanks to the protection offered by the Alps to the north and the warmth coming from wide valleys running south.

This distinctive environment translates into hot days and cold nights. Such a climate particularly suits winegrowing, as significant diurnal temperature variations are ideal for producing fresh, elegant, aromatic and savory wines.

This little multifaceted jewel has become the most important producer of white wines in Italy, thanks to 5,100 hectares of vineyards of the highest quality and increasingly advanced know-how, as proven by the numerous wines awarded ‘Three Glasses’ in the last few years.

There is no better guide than wine and its magical world to help discover a region, appreciate its qualities, get to know its culture and people, as well as its natural beauties and the numerous holiday and recreational opportunities it offers.

The spectacular landscape of Alto Adige, its wines and its renowned restaurant scene are waiting just for you: come for a short stay or a longer holiday in our welcoming region! We will make you fall in love with a 3000-year history of land, people and winegrowing.