The grapes come from vineyards planted in calcareous clay and gravel soils at an altitude between 250 and 550 meters.


Alto Adige DOC



vintage description

Temperatures above average in spring resulted in early budding and a prolonged period of high temperatures in May accelerated flowering. Thanks to careful vineyard management and occasional showers, the vines survived the summer characterized by stages of extreme heat without stress. The harvest began almost two weeks earlier than usual and, thanks to ideal weather conditions, the grapes reached an exceptional degree of quality. The red wines of the 2022 vintage are superb, as they could reach perfect ripeness and develop complex fruit notes. The flavor is full, with expressive aromas. The white wines, on the other hand, are characterised by notes of refined fruit and balanced acidity.


  • grapes: Chardonnay
  • yield: 75 hl/hectare
  • altitude: 250 – 500 m
  • soil: calcareous clay and gravelly soils
  • climate: extreme interplay between sunny days, influenced by the Mediterranean climate, and cool nights, marked by the cold downslope winds from the surrounding mountains


The grapes are harvested by hand in small bins and gently pressed immediately following harvest. Primary fermentation occurs in steel tanks, followed by partial malolactic fermentation. Maturation also takes place in small steel tanks.

Tasting notes

This Chardonnay is greenish yellow in colour

This Chardonnay has delicate fruity aromas and a dry finish. It tastes fresh and lively with hints of pineapple, pear, citrus, vanilla and butter.

 Apart from being an excellent aperitif, this wine works magnificently with warm appetizers and starters as well as with flavourful fish and seafood dishes. Meat lovers will also
appreciate this Chardonnay, it is a perfect accompaniment to strips of turkey with fresh mushrooms.

serving temperature

10-12° C

residual sugar

<1.5 g/l

total acidity

5.5 g/l


13.5 %

aging potential

2-4 years

bottle sizes

0.375 l / 0.75 l 

Riconoscimento Data riconoscimento Annata Punteggio
VERONELLI 2023 2020 Tre Stelle Oro
GARDININOTES 2021 2017 99 punti
VERONELLI 2020 2017 Tre Stelle Oro
BEST ITALIAN WINE AWARDS 2018 2015 Top 10 - migliori vini d'Italia
ROBERT PARKER – WINE ADVOCATE 2018 2015 94 punti