Microzones where late-ripening red varieties can reach full maturity are rare in the Alpine region. Loam Cabernet Merlot owes its exceptional character to the weather-protected position of the vineyards and the properties of its heat-storing soil.


What an incredibly compact black fruit in the nose: delicate spices and notes of dark chocolate contribute to its complexity. Juicy and elegant on the palate, with extremely fine-grained tannins, dense and velvety.

Profil Panel, Vinum Svizzera, September 2016





Alto Adige DOC



Vintage Description

Even though bud break occurred at a relatively late stage this year, high temperatures and humidity helped precipitate flowering. As of mid-June, weather conditions were hot and dry, and the vines benefited from slight water stress, which led to optimal conclusion of their growth and ideal passage to maturation. Intensive rainfall shortly before the begin-ning of the harvest turned out to be beneficial for the grapes, as it allowed them to reach the final stage of maturity without drought stress. Throughout the harvest period, the weather was sunny and dry, ideal conditions for perfect maturity and a harmonious development of grape aromas. Hence, each grape variety and every vineyard could be harvested at the best possible moment. The results are white wines with elegant structure and delicate acidity. The red wines show great potential as well, with a full body and powerful tannins.


  • grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon (40%), Cabernet Franc (25%) and Merlot (35%)
  • yield: 45 hl/ha
  • altitude: 250 – 350 m
  • slope exposure: south-east 90 % and south 10 %
  • soil: calciferous gravel with loam
  • age of the vines: 15 – 25 years
  • climate: extreme interplay between sunny days, influenced by the Mediterranean climate, and cool nights, marked by the cold downslope winds from the surrounding mountains.
  • harvest date: early to late October
  • bottles produced: ca. 15,000, 100 magnum bottles and some other big formats


 At harvest, the grapes are delivered in small bins and immediately gently pressed.
Fermentation is carried out at a controlled temperature (26 °C) in big oak casks with regular pumpovers to increase the level of extraction from the grape skins for maximum aroma and an intensive colour.

Loam matures first in barriques for 12 months, then for another 6 months in oak casks
and finally for at least another 6 months in the bottle.

Tasting Notes

strong ruby red

pleasantly fruity with a delicate touch of bitterness reminiscent of wild cherry and
blackcurrant, dark chocolate, fine herbs and slightly ethereal notes

fruity, generous and elegant, full-bodied and juicy – hints of cedar wood, dried fruit and
red berry aromas, with fine tannins and salty minerality

serving temperature

16-18° C

residual sugar

0.6 g/l

total acidity

5.5 g/l


14 % vol

aging potential

> 10 years

bottle sizes

0.75 l / 1.5 l / 3 l / 5 l

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Selection range

Classic range