Lago di Caldaro


The grapes come from vineyards planted in calcareous clay and gravel soils at an altitude between 250 and 550 meters.


Alto Adige DOC



Vintage Description

A dry winter and an initially cold month of March were followed by above-average temperatures in spring, favouring early bud break and premature flowering. From mid-May to early June the weather was mostly rainy and wet. During the following ripening stage rainfall was evenly distributed and only a few hot days made for short periods of drought. Throughout the summer the nights were refreshingly cool. Harvest began in early September and until mid-October it was repeatedly interrupted by single days of rain, luckily followed by longer periods of sun. The white wines are crispy and fresh and have an intense olfactory appeal. Finesse and elegance characterise the red wines, which already hint at a great aging potential.


  • grapes: Schiava
  • yield: 85 hl/hectare
  • altitude: 250 – 400 m
  • soil: calcareous clay and gravelly soils
  • climate: extreme interplay between sunny days, influenced by the Mediterranean climate, and cool nights, marked by the cold downslope winds from the surrounding mountains


The grapes for this wine are gently pressed off to steel tanks immediately after harvest. The must ferments at controlled temperature (19 ° C) without malolactic fermentation.

Tasting notes

Lago di Caldaro is a light wine low in tannins, with a light ruby color.


It tastes soft and fruity, with a pleasant texture and hints of bitter almonds.

This wine goes well with appetizers and typical Tyrolean cuisine, bacon and ham, in addition to white meats and mild cheeses. It is also suitable to drink between meals.

serving temperature

14-18° C

residual sugar

0.3 g/l

total acidity

4.8 g/l


12.5 % 

aging potential

2-4 years

bottle size

0.75 l 

Riconoscimento Annata Punteggio