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Troy is our idea of a high-elevation Chardonnay. In the language of our ancestors, Troy means “path” and stands for the long path of research and experimentation we have dedicated to this noble grape variety.


      A high-elevation Chardonnay. Monumental..

Andrea Cuomo, GQ, April 2020




Troy, our idea of ​​Chardonnay

In the language of our ancestors, “Troy” means “path”. This name epitomizes the journey that Cantina Tramin has taken through many years of research and experimentation.

A journey that has led us to study carefully every minute detail of Chardonnay, a noble grape variety from which some of the best white wines in the world are made.

We have slowly accustomed this variety, whose cultivation is not as simple as generally assumed, to the special conditions of our mountain slopes.


Alto Adige DOC



Vintage Description

Even though bud break occurred at a relatively late stage this year, high temperatures and humidity helped precipitate flowering. As of mid-June, weather conditions were hot and dry, and the vines benefited from slight water stress, which led to optimal conclusion of their growth and ideal passage to maturation. Intensive rainfall shortly before the beginning of the harvest turned out to be beneficial for the grapes, as it allowed them to reach the final stage of maturity without drought stress. Throughout the harvest period, the weather was sunny and dry, ideal conditions for perfect maturity and a harmonious development of grape aromas. Hence, each grape variety and every vineyard could be harvested at the best possible moment. The results are white wines with elegant structure and delicate acidity. The red wines show great potential as well, with a full body and powerful tannins.


  • grapes:Chardonnay
  • yield: 38 hl/hectare
  • altitude: 500 – 550 m
  • slope exposure: South-East
  • harvest Date: beginning of October
  • soil: calcareous gravel and loam
  • age of the vines: 25 years on average, Guyot- and Pergola-trained
  • climate:extreme interplay between sunny days, influenced by the Mediterranean climate, and cool nights, marked by the cold downslope winds from the surrounding mountains.
  • bottles produced: 6,400 and 150 magnum bottles

Winemaking and maturation

During the manual harvest each single grape is checked for quality. The grapes are delivered in small bins and pressed without being destemmed first. Both alcoholic and malolactic fermentation occurs in Bordeaux barrels. After 11 months on the fine lees the wine is transferred to stainless steel tanks for an additional 22 months of sur lie aging.
Finally, the must clarifies naturally by sedimentation of the suspended particles.

Tasting notes

intense golden yellow

delicate floral and citrusy nuances, tropical fruit, chamomile and peppermint with a fine
touch of roasted almonds and hazelnuts

Very elegantly Troy shows off his Alpine character: ripe exotic notes of mango, banana and Galia melon are tinged with subtle tones of hazelnuts against a backdrop of incredible freshness and salty minerality. The finish is long and juicy with a lively mineral backbone.

serving temperature

12-14° C

residual sugar

2 g/l

total acidity

6 g/l


14 % vol

aging potential

over 20 years

bottle size

0.75 l /1.5 l

Riconoscimento Data riconoscimento Annata Punteggio
FALSTAFF 2021 2017 96 punti
BIBENDA 2021 2017 5 Grappoli
WEIN-PLUS 2021 2017 88 punti
WINESCRITIC 2021 2016 96 punti